Ogg Sharpening is a knife store and gift shop selling fine knives Australia Wide including: Shikisai, Mac, Global, Victory, MASERIN, IC.CUT, OPINEL, CLAUDE DOZORME & more!

All beautifully and professionally Sharpened to Incredible Edges.
Ogg Sharpening
Fine Knife & Gift Store
Since 2003 and thousands of knives sharpened, it was time for Ogg sharpening to have knives of our choice. the focus being on a smaller range but very high quality and Sourcing FROM generational skills and THE integrity of a manufacturer, we now have very fine knives in stock for sale.

Ogg Sharpening maximises these knives with a wealth of practical experience and expertise and that one “Heck of an Edge”


Cheers, Justin @ Ogg Sharpening !

ONLINE orders OR Phone:…. 0427 343 197 …..  7 days

Australia   Post Express  $15.00   Flat Rate

Very proud to have this website and a big thank you to Acutt-Designs for their tireless expertise bringing it to life.
So if you are ready, click on the music by Jody Direen and kick back and browse some very fine knives and accessories.

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