IC.CUT Ishikawa Silver Collection, Bowie/Skinner with leather sheath
155mm blade

IC.CUT Ishikawa Silver Collection IC726/WP With Ogg Sharpening Edge



IC.CUT and Ishikawa’s Silver Collection is absolutely stunning and a rare find to have in Australia. Almost jewellery like with so much mirror polish and incredible fit up work in these knives. The IC726/WP has a hollow ground blade and is not our norm but that is what craftsmanship can do and was just chosen for those reasons alone. The very swish look and feel that comes from the Nickel/Silver Bolster and stainless lined brass rivets that pass through a faultless mahogany handle to the dished mirror Gin 1 blade. The Ogg Sharpening mirror edge was a true challenge here and a privilege to set this knife up and to be given the clearway scallop in the blade just makes for a beautiful finish. You can have all the luxury materials you like in a blade but craftsmanship of the forge and geometry of the blade when perfect will always lead to something outstanding. This knife or Silver Collection is hand made and is certainly that, taking an absolute deathly sharp edge and a hold of remarkable proportions that can only be attributed to the skill of Ishikawa himself. The leather work in the sheath is faultless with a heavy splitter and embossed with IC.Cut making a very secure housing for this knife. Ogg Sharpening will endeavour to increase this range if possible as it is truely a rare but a very exact find to what we wish to supply.
Weight——322 Grams
Blade Spine—4.00mm Thick
Blade Length–155mm
Blade Width—35mm at its Widest
Blade Steel—Gin 1
Blade Hardness—58 Rockwell C
Blade Profile—-Hollow Ground Bowie,Skinner
Manufacture—Made In Japan