Shikisai KyoJapanese blade
Filleting / Carving Knife 230mm
SKU: shikisai-kyo-japanese-damascus-blade-filleting-carving-230mm-1.

Shikisai Kyo Japanese Damascus blade,Modified 230mm Filleting/Carving Knife, With Ogg Sharpening edge



A dream carver or slicer with its narrow and thin blade modified by Ogg Sharpening from the Shikisai bread knife of only 1mm, gives a sharpness of the extreme.Weighing in at only 104 grams this knife doesn’t even feel like its in your hand. The three (3) layers and a Aus 8 core for the Shikisai Kyo range by Shizu Homono in Seki Japan, are seamless and lightweight. The handle moulds beautifully, with a pinch or straight grip equally well. Easy cleaning by simply rinsing.
Extremely durable blade at 60 Rockwell C, and sharpens to an incredible edge with such a fine profile. The finish and consistency of Shizu forging is remarkable.
Weight—-105 Grams
Blade Spine—1.6mm
Blade Length—230
Blade width—-21mm at its Widest
Blade Steel—3 layer Damascus AUS 8 Core
Blade Hardness—59 Rockwell C
Blade Profile—-Flat Grind
Handle—–Stainless Handle
Company—-Shizu Homono
Manufacture—-Made In Japan