Claude Dozorme Theirs Liner Lock Knife. Light Horn Handle
SKU: claude-dozorme-thiers-liner-lock-knife-9cm-blade-light-horn-handle-CD.142.63.

Claude Dozorme Thiers Liner Lock Knife, 9cm blade, Light Horn Handle


This is the original style for this lock knife and is of first class quality – Claude Dozorme is completely made in France. These pocketknives have a very strong locking mechanism when open and are very slim. An extremely strong clip at the back for whenever you wish to carry them or it doubles as a money clip. The chemistry of X50crmov15 and a flat grind from spine to edge makes this pocket knife an absolute standout for quality. So many stylish handles available made of animal horn, with no two (2) the same displaying precision workmanship of each item. Ogg Sharpening has some fine French made leather pouches available that also suit these knives.