Appetito Commercial Grade White Nylon Cutting Board
30cm x 45cm x 1.2cm
SKU: appetito-nylon-cutting-board-white-30cm-x-45cm-x-1.2cm.
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Cutting Board 30cm x 45cm x 1.2cm Commercial Grade



Appetito Nylon Cutting Board, White, 30cm x 45cm x 1.2cm. Probably the single biggest difference you can make to preserving your knife’s edge.These boards are a softish compound with  commercial grade kitchen attributes and without doubt the least abrasive surface you can use. Wood and all other surfaces are very abrasive and store grit very well at a level you can’t see or clean. The Ogg Sharpening edge is basically a polished surgeon’s scalpel and will glide through bucket loads of food but performs best when not clunked on a wooden board at every pass. Upgrading your knife and edge can only work with an  upgrade in handling practices.This size board takes in the common width of large chef’s knives with room to spare and ideal for those external margins when cutting the larger roasts and alike.