Sheep Skinner Leather Pouch
knife sold separately
SKU: sheep-skinner-pouch-leather.

Sheep Skinner Pouch, leather



Pouch Only $69.00 

This leather pouch (pouch only) suits the Victory Skinner Knives 13cm & 15cm very well and like Victory the pouch is made in New Zealand. The pouch is of very high quality with only 4mm leather used. It also has a 4mm blade edge protector, beautifully stitched with no rivets used in the sheath end at all. There is a single clip to retain knife with a 4mm belt loop held by two studs. A very strong pouch and together with the knife will last for many years.

Knife 13cm Skinner & Leather Pouch  $134      IN STOCK

Knife 15cm Skinner & Leather Pouch  $138      IN STOCK