Victory Superflex Filleting Knife

Victory Superflex filleting Knife 18cm



The 18cm high flex blade reaches a incredible sharpness with its 1mm thick blade at the spine of the knife.Its a little wider than most filleting knives of this size and lends itself to different sharpening techniques and much longer service life.Ogg Sharpening always loves design where it matters to achieve results for a variety of uses.Victory knives have been made in New Zealand since 1927 and provide a very extensive range of knives. There are so many profiles to suit the likes of Butchers, Fishermen & Rural folk to name but a few. At a Rockwell C hardness of 57, they are slightly higher which gives rise to a durable and very sharp edge. The handles have a great feel and not completely smooth, ideal for the above industries. Much thought has gone into these knives with sometimes only minor differences in profiles so there is a Victory knife that pleases everyone.