Shikisai Miyako Japanese Damascus blade
Bread Knife 240mm

Shikisai Miyako Japanese Damascus blade 240mm Bread Knife



Unique and modern design Serrated Bread Knife with its swept back blade lets you reach the bottom of the loaf while giving great hand clearance and is 240mm in length. An absolute faultless range of knives from Shizu Homono in Seki Japan. The finish and fitup work on these knives is incredible. The Laminated wood D shaped handle fits beautifully in your hand even with a variety of grips.It has a sintered stainless bolster and stainless end cap also that contrasts this stylish handle. The fine profile in the blade from spine to edge, together with the accuracy and consistency of the forging process, has allowed these knives to take a remarkable edge and hold it as well. The 33 layers and the Aus 8 core hovering around the 60 Rockwell hardness, gives the Miyako range of knives a highly durable edge with the beautility to match.
Weight—-160 Grams
Blade Spine—2mm
Blade Length—240mm
Blade width—-32mm at its Widest
Blade Steel—33 layer Damascus AUS 8 Core
Blade Hardness—59 Rockwell C
Blade Profile—-Flat Grind
Handle—–Laminated Wood
Company—-Shizu Homono
Manufacture—-Made In Japan