Shikisai Miyako Japanese chopping knife traditional damascus blade
SKU: shikisai-miyako-japanese-deba-knife-traditional-damascus-blade-165mm.

Shikisai Miyako Japanese deba knife traditional damascus blade 165mm


An absolute faultless range of knives from Shizu Homono in Seki, Japan. The finish and fitup work on these knives is incredible. The D shaped handle fits beautifully in your hand even with a variety of grips. This Deba or ‘chopping knife’ is a much heavier version of the equivalent Santoku knife. Weighing in at 210grams and 2.8mm width spine and still holding a 2.0mm width only 10mm from the edge.The Santoku 165mm is half these dimensions and the weight is 165grams. Ogg Sharpening can customise this knife with its edge and make it a heavier Santoku or adjust and use the thickness and make a more robust chopper. This is a brilliant and versatile knife and is a popular choice, but if used as a cleaver or an axe you will bring harm to your new addition. The 33 layers and the Aus 8 core hovering around the 60 Rockwell hardness, gives the Miyako range of knives a highly durable edge with the beautility to match.