Shikisai Miyako Japanese Yanagiba Sushi Damascus blade
Carving/Chef/Filleting Knife 240mm

Shikisai Miyako Japanese Yanagiba Sushi Damascus blade,240mm Carving/ Filleting Knife,With Ogg Sharpening edge



The Yanagiba is definitely a food presentation knife by Miyako with all the other attributes we speak about but has a couple of extra abilities in the blade.This knife is a little heavier for the heel to toe draw slice in a single motion using all its 240mm length but the biggest difference is the rise on the right side of the blade while the left remains flat.Clever and remaining mild in caparison to some.Designed to expel the food and fold it to the right before rising all the way up to the spine which creates drag.Also with the flat side of the blade on the cutting board, it can be used to skin fish and not even move the knife.Delicate shavings using the blade from right to left acrosss the food as the shape keeps the blade pressure outwards. All methods take skill and practise but it is all there in design. There is always differences in sharpening these knives and at Ogg Sharpening we can bring down the single edge onto a highly polished mirror along with special requests.The sharpeness is incredible and we do love to play also just like the people using these knives.
Weight—-190 Grams
Blade Spine—2.5mm
Blade Length—240mm
Blade width—-34mm and flat across blade for 20mm at its widest point
Blade Steel—33 layer Damascus AUS 8 Core
Blade Hardness—59 Rockwell C
Blade Profile—-Flat Grind on one side only
Handle—–Laminated Wood
Company—-Shizu Homono
Manufacture—-Made In Japan