Victory Pigging Knife
Stainless 18cm Blade

Victory Pigging Knife, Stainless 18cm Knife Only



Victory Pigging Knife  has a strong blade and with Victory at 57 Rockwell c provides a durable edge. The point is ground on the spine side and can take a edge if required. Ogg Sharpening will always customise these types of knives to suit your requirements and is a service we provide on all knives which makes a serious difference in the end product for the customer. The sheaths in the photos are extra and can be found in sheaths and pouches category.


The yellow plastic sheath is also available in black but lanyard is yellow only.This plastic sheath is very strong and suits the diving end of market also. The Sheath has a very strong clip over the handle on both sides preventing it from rattling  loose in any position. It has a wide cavity for the blade, making it easy to wash clean and give clearance from the blade. Lanyard fittings are stainless and plastic removing the corrosion aspect while the bright yellow is a visual standout in the bush.

Knife & Leather Pouch $137.00   In Stock

Knife & Plastic Sheath & Lanyard $110.00   In Stock